MODA data forensics in service of non-discriminatory, affordable housing

The NYC Mayors Office of Data Analytics (MODA) has been doing some great work in partnership with academic institutions in the NY metro area and beyond. Working with the Harvard Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, and their Data Smart City Solutions, one recent project was focused on curbing housing voucher discrimination, predicting and preventing tenant harassment and the maintenance of NYC rent-regulated units.  Craig Campbell, who works as a special advisor to MODA, presented the work of the team at the Summit on Data-Smart Government, summarized here in an article by Craig Bousquet. Analyzing data from across city agencies, MODA, with Housing Preservation and Development, the Commission on Human Rights, and the Fair Housing Justice Center pursued a strategy to “identify the worst cases and leverage those to discourage discriminatory practices among other landlords. MODA understood that the city would never have the bandwidth to address all potential cases of discrimination, but by targeting the largest players, the Council on Human Rights could make the biggest dent.”

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