Parametric Urbanism – beyond the univocal response to pre-established conditions

In their article, Parametric Urbanism: A New Frontier for Smart Cities, co-authors Paolo Fusero, Lorenzo Massimiano
Arturo Tedeschi, and Sara Lepidi propose, “The wealth of information and real-time data provided to the study of urban phenomena by new technologies (mobile phones, urban CCTV, networks of sensors, satellite navigation, digital control panels, GIS, Wi-Fi, smart grids, etc.) is rarely employed in a systematic and selective manner, and even less so by architects and urban planners. There is a sense that innovations in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) move faster than our ability to find a use for them.” Further, “A new frontier of research within this scenario may be represented by the utilisation in urban design of parametric software, in other words, digital tools used to generate form as the result of the adaptive logical processing of selected information and data. With parametric platforms design does not offer a univocal response to a group of pre-established conditions, but instead becomes a dynamic model able to rapidly respond to input provided by the designer. “

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