Seeds of sustainable food sourcing being planted in urban farm gardens

Local, organic, non GMO and grown at home. Paris is planning on turning 1/3 of its green space into urban farmsParisculteurs, a project which aims to cover the city’s rooftops and walls with 100 hectares (247 acres) of vegetation by 2020. NYC is moving in that direction as well, with an initiative to gather data on all the urban agricultural organizations and businesses who are interested in urban farming. An article on the recent urban agriculture bill published by Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center details a recent bill that is not without challenges, “The latest zoning efforts to create more space for affordable housing have put pressure on gardens across the city. Bushwick City Farm is one of the several community gardens and farms embroiled in a real estate struggle. The farm, which is located in an underserved community, gives away produce, eggs, clothing, and honey to the local community, but their landlord is currently trying to evict the farmers in order to develop the property.”

In her recent book City of Forests, City of Farms, Lindsay Campbell outlines the political decisions, popular narratives, and physical practices that shape city greening in New York City and discusses the fact that “Despite NYC having a long tradition of community gardening, particularly since the fiscal crisis of the 1970s, PlaNYC contained no mention of community gardens or urban farms. Campbell charts the change of course that resulted from burgeoning public interest in urban agriculture and local food systems. She shows how civic groups and elected officials crafted a series of visions and plans for local food systems that informed the 2011 update to PlaNYC.


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