…there are at least a few distinct visions of the future, the people of PR are fighting for theirs

 …there are at least a few distinct visions of the future, not only of cities, but of communities; see Naomi Klein’s in-depth article and Laura Feeney’s video ‘The Battle for Paradise’, in the Intercept on how this is playing out in Puerto Rico, where a decentralized people centric food-energy-water infrastructure that is resilient in the face of climate change is being built. This vision is running up against a ‘fast capital’, land grab strategy on the part of developers that does not currently include the majority of resident Puerto Ricans in the ‘rebuilding’ process or consider their vision for their future communities. The vision is on one hand resilient, representative, decentralized, with the potential of self sufficiency, and on the other, privatized, crypto funded, (tax free) bunker/survivalist/resort enclaves for the super rich that spring up as capital intense havens in response to real or anticipated disasters. 

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